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"The information and insight you provided me with in just one hour was the most insightful and useful advice I have ever received. It felt like you understood me better than anyone ever has. As you know, I have felt so stuck, so this is just what I needed. You have such a special and wonderful gift, and I am extremely grateful for your help.”


“If you are looking for a fortune teller then Litany is not for you but if you are looking for someone to read, explain and reach your core than there is no one like her. What I was expecting and what I got was so much more than I could have thought up for myself. I went into the reading with the surface wants and desires of what I thought I wanted to know about my life but she immediately went into my core of what I knew deep down inside I needed to know in order to live my life to its fullest authenticity. The part of me that I hid from everyone else in my life was what she tapped into from the minute we sat down. I left her feeling more at home with myself. My time with her was a game changer and I am forever grateful to her.”

Sandy M

"My first visit with Litany I wasn’t sure what to expect. After just a few minutes, joyful tears were flowing as she brought forth messages from my parents and grandparents that soothed childhood traumas. She described future possibilities that, in the moment, I believed just couldn’t happen and through the years unfolded, just as Litany suggested. I often find myself giggling with awe as I hear Litany’s words in my head as my reality continues to unfold.”


"Litany shed a great deal of light on my childhood and explained things that would have taken years of therapy sessions to figure out… When my father passed she was able to bring him through the session…it was amazingly healing hearing what he was telling me."


"Litany's work was like a healing balm that supported me as I walked through the dark period of coping with my mother's death. Her work alongside with prayer and deep reflection helped me transform my fears into faith. Thank you Litany, for the beauty of healing that you offer through your work."


“Litany put me in touch with my timing, which is a nice thing in any circumstances but had life changing consequences for me. It slowed me down regarding the sale of a house I was losing in a divorce and I ended up getting $135,000 over the asking price. All a consequence of learning to operate from my gut."


“I have known Litany for over 25 years. Since then I never felt the need to go to any other psychic. Through her I learned how to listen to my own voice and trust it. It took a while but finally it sinked in...and now I am my own psychic. It appears to me Litany is on a journey to bring awareness to people, to put them in touch with their own power, their center. It worked with me....and I am forever grateful.”


"When I left Litany I was stunned at how she was able to bring it home for me in so many respects. She absolutely nailed the personalities of each of my children and advised me on how to move forward to help guide them with developing on their strengths and protecting their weaknesses. She was also instrumental in helping dissect out the parts of me that I needed to for the purposes of moving forward and having success in life and business…”


“Litany, your clear communication and calm while in the trenches on production was priceless, thank you.” Producer of Award Winning Room 32.


"For many years, I've consulted litany on important decisions and her advice has always been helpful and meaningful. But when I had an operation, her remote healing helped me recover so quickly that even the surgeon was surprised.”


"I came to Litany not knowing at all how to get over my ex-wife who suddenly walked out on me. Thanks to her insights I was able to move forward and never look back.”


"If you are looking for answers and clarity on your life and the people in it either here or in the spirit world, I cannot recommend enough a session with Litany Burns. You have helped me gain wisdom and insight, and I thank you, Litany. ”


"Since that first reading, I confronted a cheating husband, asked him to leave and have learned to trust my gut. More importantly it was not that she told me this was happening, but said I already knew what i needed to do, but was not ready. She gave me the confidence to trust my own inner voice and my own timing with things.”


"So when I arrived at litany’s space, it was as warm and inviting as she is. I think at the time there was so much information that I didn’t quite process it. Since in quarantine, I just listened to the taped session and I’m blown away by her accuracy and the ability to really tap in to who I am.”


“I had my first session with Litany almost ten years ago. At that time my adult son was preparing to be my business partner. Litany insisted that was not going to happen and that she saw the possibility of my daughter working with me in the not so distant future. I thought Litany was way off base. A short time later my son decided to accept a job in a law firm where he is now a partner and two years ago my daughter became the creative director of my company. I leave the sessions knowing that I have the tools to walk in the direction of my dreams, with my passion and purpose clarified and validated.“


"I wanted to share that you have impacted my life in a very positive way. From the time you started working with me my whole world has shifted for the better.”


“If you have two loaves of bread
Sell one
And give the other to the needy
– Then buy hyacinths to feed your soul.”

Hindu Proverb