Global Forecast by Litany Burns - 2020

Are you listening? Not to signals outside of you for direction, but to those inside that keep nagging at you, pleading with you, moving you to change direction, do something that you’ve put off, try something different, take a stand, a step, deal with an emotional problem, conflict or person and move on. Pace yourself. Pacing is far different than patience. And we’ve all had patience in the last few months whether we liked it or not. Pacing is movement. Having a wider view of where you need or want to go, but also knowing there are steps to take in getting there- whether it be in career, with family or partner, finances, living situations. This is the time, after this reinforced global breather to return to the outer world with new ideas, renewed energy, gathered insights and changed behavior…and pacing…we’re taking steps that will lead onward to dreams and ideas and places you never knew until you arrive. Pay attention to your inner signals, they are those that will guide you. Litany Burns