Litany Burns FAQ

Q. What is the meaning of the corona virus pandemic from a spiritual point of view?

Steve, NJ

A. My sense of this is spiritually this is a time of beginning of purpose - something I’ve been predicting (not the pandemic specifically) a huge global wake up call for us on all levels…physically, spiritually, environmentally, emotionally…for the past year we have seen the upheaval in societies, people’s lives and the blue planet well before this pandemic and it has been building. It is a way to stop the mental noise and pay attention- what other way than to have all people do this at once to learn what is important and to have a chance to hit the pause button to take stock of themselves, their lives and where they are going…It is the ‘universal way’ for everyone to get woke.

Q. When we pass over, do our spirits use the same names we use here?

A, Istanbul

A. You may love or hate the name given or discovered by you in this life, but as a soul you don’t need a name or address or other physical attributes. That said, many times when souls communicate with those who are physical, they will offer a name they had or names of loved ones they knew, to identify themselves to you and let you know they are present and watching over you. They may even give you a name they had in a past life you once shared. It is a way of connecting to you in the physical world, but among spirits there is no need for a physical name, only a sense of who they deeply are.