Litany Burns FAQ

Q. Whose advice do I follow: people who have experience, my spirit guides, or myself when making a major decision?

Yuki, Osaka, Japan

A. How about listening to all three. The experienced person may know physical ways and things you do not that you can add to your own physical experience if they feel right to you. Your spirit guides give you a sense of perspective and where that decision may lead you in the future. The best advice to follow is to incorporate the two and see what you feel inside with each, then you’ll know what to follow and what to ignore.

Q. Can people in comas or who are autistic and cannot speak, communicate with others that can?

Soshanna, Tel Aviv, Israel

A. Yes. Usually they not only can ‘hear’ what you are saying, but can also reply telepathically. This intuitive mind to mind communication is based in the moment you are communicating. Many times a person who cannot speak will acknowledge what you are asking and/or send either in words or images to your mind from his or hers if you are willing to ‘listen’ with your own telepathic abilities. You will notice by his or her visceral response when you repeat what is being told to you if you are correct I remember a young brother of an autistic older brother who would interpret for their mother what the older brother was saying or wanting at any given time.