Litany Burns FAQ

Q. Do our phobias and fears come from our past lives?
Dina, Toronto, CA

A. It depends. For some people they bring their fears and phobias with them from past lives to their current lives to learn to work them through and let them go. For others some fears or phobias could simply be caused in early childhood or due to psychological problems in your physical life. We tend to focus on the latter, but sometimes, once understood - past life experiences can free us from our past fears with a little insight and intuition.

Q. Will my dog, who I loved and died last year come back into my life?
Benita, Colombia, SA

A. That is up to your dog’s spirit. Usually people or pets don’t incarnate again in their last lifetime, because they already lived it. However, that doesn’t mean that your dog isn’t around you in spirit. Many times we feel our pets and loved ones are around us, connecting with us, still loving us as we continue in our lives.