Litany Burns FAQ

Q. How do I know I’m using my intuition and not what I want ?
Maria, Madrid

A. Let the results prove themselves. A great way to know the difference is that when you are focused on what you want see if your gut feels strongly about it or not. In your solar plexus is the combination of body/soul-intuition, perspective and wisdom in a primary ‘feeling’ way. Practice this for little things – your gut always feels yes or no – comfortable or uncomfortable with every person, situation, decision you make. It does not verbalize or make excuses. See what happens.

Q. Is Numerology valid?
Aaron, Long Island, NY

A. Numerology, the divination of numbers has been with us for a long time. As with any intuitive system, the divining or reading of the numbers can be another way of looking at yourself and your life in the hands of a capable and talented Numerologist. Like a doctor, practitioner, psychic, or any professional, the Numerologist can give you information about the numbers and how they affect you, allowing the specific numbers to be just a starting point for information.