Litany Burns FAQ

Q. Can a loved one be with me in Chicago and also with my sister in Paris if we both need her at the same time?

Carlos, IL

A.The short answer is yes. The longer explanation is that souls, all souls are not limited by time and space so they can be in more than one place at a time. It would be like a cloud beyond earth that many people can view. It is also important to realize that the more both you and your sister are open to her, the more she can communicate with and help you both.

Q. Is going to see a palmist equal to seeing a tarot card reader?

Mila, Czech Republic

A. As with any professional it is about the talents not always the tools used. A great surgeon may use a tool that another may not and yet that second surgeon may have comparable or better results. A palmist or a tarot card reader uses tools that enhance talents that are already there. There are times when you may be drawn to one tool or another- in any event, it is always the Reader that is important.