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The Sixth Sense of Children

Publisher: Putnam

Every child is born with an innate basic Sixth Sense.

These primary talents in which children first relate to the physical world can be cultivated and used to aid in new ways of learning, communication, social interaction, compassion, self trust, creativity, focus, self expression, problem-solving, reducing nightmares, avoiding dangerous situations, relieving stress and anxiety to help a child mature to become a productive adult.

Simple, easy to understand information and exercises offered by experienced internationally renown Medium and Clairvoyant Litany Burns will help any teacher, parent, therapist, coach, relative and child discover the intuitive child within. No experience is necessary.

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Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Publisher: Barnes & Noble

...and get them to work for you in your daily life…

Did you know that you are already intuitive? You use these natural talents every day without thinking. Learn how to understand and cultivate your psychic abilities to gain insights, find direction, heal yourself and others, and more with internationally noted Clairvoyant, Medium Litany Burns in this simple step-by-step guide filled with easy exercises and amazing results.

Learn How To: Find your Psychic Center • Find meaning in dreams • Use Psychic Healing to benefit emotional and physical health • Make wise decisions in career, relationships, and finances • Contact spirit guides and loved ones • Read friends and family  • See Auras • Understand children and family members more deeply.

Exercises are fun and easy. Realize your inner potential and use it today.

Available at: Amazon, Barnes and Noble and iTunes